L. J. Jaeckel
CMPSC 210 — Linux System Administration
April 23, 2011

Sample transcript of Doggie web site download from sdf to csrh1

How it works:

Once these files are in csrh1:/home/jaeckell/Dogweb, they can then be downloaded from there to the debian5vm virtual machine. Unlike the sdf–csrh1 download, the csrh1–VM download can be done, and is done, using rsync, run five times an hour as a cron task. The script to do that (on the VM) can also be run manually as needed.

For more discussion of the rsync download from csrh1 to the VM, and a listing the the getdog.sh shell script that does that, see getdog-sh-list.html

As of 23 April 2011, this web site is very nearly complete (for the purposes of this CS210 class). The total size of all the files is about 830 KB. The zip file copied from sdf to csrh1 is about 83 KB. As shown in the transcript here, the process takes about 3 seconds.

    jaeckell@csrh1: /home/jaeckell $  getsdf.sh
    Beginning SDF web download on: Sat Apr 23 13:27:50 PDT 2011
      adding: action1.php (deflated 34%)
      adding: chap4ex.html (deflated 56%)
      adding: com-disk2.html (deflated 72%)
      adding: dbscript.html (deflated 61%)
      adding: dbscript.txt (deflated 61%)
      adding: debian-log.html (deflated 61%)
      adding: dining-table.html (deflated 61%)
      adding: disk2trans.html (deflated 76%)
      adding: fedora-log.html (deflated 60%)
      adding: form1.html (deflated 51%)
      adding: getdog-sh-list.html (deflated 60%)
      adding: index.html (deflated 72%)
      adding: info.php (deflated 45%)
      adding: jeremy-cron.html (deflated 51%)
      adding: midterm-debian.html (deflated 72%)
      adding: mkswap-trans.html (deflated 66%)
      adding: mkusers-trans.html (deflated 77%)
      adding: mkusers.html (deflated 69%)
      adding: mkusers.sh.txt (deflated 70%)
      adding: mount-list.html (deflated 75%)
      adding: roster210.php (deflated 65%)
      adding: roster210_php_list.html (deflated 68%)
      adding: run-dmesg-php-list.html (deflated 59%)
      adding: run-dmesg-sh-list.html (deflated 61%)
      adding: run-dmesg.php (deflated 53%)
      adding: run-weblog-php-list.html (deflated 60%)
      adding: run-weblog-sh-list.html (deflated 62%)
      adding: run-weblog.php (deflated 55%)
      adding: sshdtrans.html (deflated 66%)
      adding: suse-log.html (deflated 60%)
      adding: txt2html_list.html (deflated 62%)
    Connected to sdf.org.
    Fetching /udd/d/doggie/dogvmweb.zip to dogvmweb.zip
    /udd/d/doggie/dogvmweb.zip                    100%   80KB  79.6KB/s   00:01    
    Archive:  ../dogvmweb.zip
      inflating: action1.php             
      inflating: chap4ex.html            
      inflating: com-disk2.html          
      inflating: dbscript.html           
      inflating: dbscript.txt            
      inflating: debian-log.html         
      inflating: dining-table.html       
      inflating: disk2trans.html         
      inflating: fedora-log.html         
      inflating: form1.html              
      inflating: getdog-sh-list.html     
      inflating: index.html              
      inflating: info.php                
      inflating: jeremy-cron.html        
      inflating: midterm-debian.html     
      inflating: mkswap-trans.html       
      inflating: mkusers-trans.html      
      inflating: mkusers.html            
      inflating: mkusers.sh.txt          
      inflating: mount-list.html         
      inflating: roster210.php           
      inflating: roster210_php_list.html  
      inflating: run-dmesg-php-list.html  
      inflating: run-dmesg-sh-list.html  
      inflating: run-dmesg.php           
      inflating: run-weblog-php-list.html  
      inflating: run-weblog-sh-list.html  
      inflating: run-weblog.php          
      inflating: sshdtrans.html          
      inflating: suse-log.html           
      inflating: txt2html_list.html      
    Files unzipped into local directory /home/jaeckell/Dogweb
    SDF web download completed on: Sat Apr 23 13:27:53 PDT 2011
    jaeckell@csrh1: /home/jaeckell $