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CMPSC 210 — Linux System Administration
February 23 – April 21, 2011

Mid-Term and FINAL EXAM: Debian Linux VM Log

( host name: debian5vm )

Quick links to some highlights in this log:       (Note: Final Exam work begins on 17 April, 2011)

► 23 Feb 2011 Download; installation; initial observations
► 24 Feb 2011 First boot-up; system overview; testing basic network functions
► 24 Feb 2011 Installing kde
► 24 Feb 2011 Adding new user jeremy
► 27 Feb 2011 Create, install, mount second virtual disk. Also install iceweasel
► 28 Feb 2011 Installing sshd
► 28 Feb 2011 Installing LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP ) Part 1 — LAP but not M (yet)
► 28 Feb 2011 Enable remote display on port 5911
► 01 Mar 2011 Installing LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP ) Part 2 — Installing MySQL
► 01 Mar 2011 Playing with CGI scripts
► 02 Mar 2011 Current status as of 02 March 2011
► 02 Mar 2011 Submitted Debian Mid-Term project as is;   Installed findip
► 03 Mar 2011 Create MySQL database "classdb" with class roster — Includes PHP script to view data.
► 05 Mar 2011 Format and enable /dev/sdb2 as second swap partition
► 06 Mar 2011 Install txt2html shell script
► 06 Mar 2011 Write, test, and install shell scripts: mount_midterm1 and umount_midterm1
► 17 Apr 2011 Begin FINAL EXAM project.
► 21 Apr 2011 Maintaining ~jeremy web site using rsync and cron, with public/private key authentication
► 21 Apr 2011 Adding new user jay
► 22 Apr 2011 run-dmesg.sh and run-dmesg.php web scripts to display last 20 System Message (dmesg) lines
► 22 Apr 2011 Similarly, run-weblog.sh and run-weblog.php web scripts to display recent Apache2 messages and errors
► 24 Apr 2011 VNC Server and VNC viewer installed and tested

Overview of the Mid-Term assignment:

Note, I am NOT necessarily going to do these steps in the order listed here. Rather, I will do them mostly in easiest-to-hardest order (which means, basically, the tasks I am most familiar with first, least familiar with last).





I will continue to embellish this little private web site from time to time, adding PHP and MySQL demos for example, without necessarily logging every last little detail here. Check out http://localhost/~jeremy yourself to see the latest goodies there.


Current status as of 02 March 2011, 12:30:





This completes all assigned tasks (and then some) for this CMPSC 210 Mid-Term Project.     Back to top


Begin FINAL EXAM project, starting with this VM where we left off above.               Back to top

We begin with a brief review of some details of current machine status, that might be relevant for the Final Exam project:

Overview of the Final Exam assignment:

Begin doing Final Exam assignment:


2011-04-21 (continued)


Note that the above dmesg stuff is UN-interesting, since new messages rarely appear after the machine is finished booting. Thus, you can watch those web pages refresh themselves all day, and nothing much visibly happens.

Therefore, I've written some analagous scripts (one shell script to be run as a periodic cron task, and one PHP script to run on-demand) to display messages from the Apache2 log files &ndash both the access.log file and error.log file. The following items describe these:



This completes all assigned tasks (and then some) for this CMPSC 210 FINAL EXAM Project.     Back to top
All that remains to be done is:
  — Set the VMware network card adapter back to NAT
  — Zip up the entire VM
  — Turn it in!