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Log books for the Linux VM mochines:

openSUSE VM (dazzle)Debian VM (drizzle)Fedora VM (fizzle)
Mid-Term and FINAL EXAM Debian 5 VM (debian5vm)

FINAL EXAM Guided Tour:   Things to see and do:

Other (possibly interesting) stuff (most recent first):

► 06 Mar 2011 mount_midterm1 and umount_midterm1 scripts to mount/unmount extra data and swap partitions
► 05 Mar 2011 txt2html script to convert any plain-text file to a viewable HTML listing of it.
► 03 Mar 2011 HTML/PHP/MySQL script to view class database. (Log-book entry with more links)
► 03 Mar 2011 Creating class database in Debian Mid-Term machine. (Log-book entry) (Full transcript)
► 19 Feb 2011 Creating second virtual hard disk in Debian machine
► 17 Feb 2011 Creating the SQLite database with class names in Fedora machine (transcript)
► 8 Feb 2011 Chapter 4 Discovery Exercises 2 and 3